IP Rights

We respect ownership of Intellectual Property (IP).


We respect ownership of Intellectual Property (IP). IP that you already own prior to participating in a Paint the Future program remains yours; and similarly, our existing IP remains ours. In addition, our starting point is that both parties should have appropriate rights in what we create together during a Paint the Future program. For each program, we will communicate clearly what specific IP terms will apply.


Whilst we respect IP rights, we also value the open sharing of non-confidential information, and building on contributors’ ideas. This is what makes our Paint the Future programs useful for all participants, and contributes to identifying successful innovations. This means that during the initial phase of any Paint the Future program, your submission, and the information you share with us, will be received by us only on a non-confidential basis.

To create and maintain sustainable businesses, it’s key for the IP of all business partners to be protected. We will be guiding the process of collaboration bet
Sarah Sahans

Director Patents at AkzoNobel