Collaborative Sustainability Challenge

Our Paint the Future initiative has revolutionized innovation in the paints and coatings industry. We’re now inviting our value chain partners to an industry-first Paint the Future collaborative sustainability challenge, where we strive to create a paradigm shift in the way we think and act to meet our challenging carbon footprint reduction ambitions. 

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COP26 in Glasgow once again made it clear – there’s no time to waste. At AkzoNobel, we’ve set challenging ambitions for our own operations and our entire value chain to reduce our carbon footprint. We can’t achieve this alone, and therefore, we have selected value chain partners to develop a new collaborative way forward.

The topics


Increase the efficiency of material usage and reduce the energy required for applying and curing paints and coatings


Reduce the amount of solvents emitted throughout our entire value chain


Increase the use of circular solutions in paints and coatings, both upstream and downstream

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Together with a selected group of our value chain partners, we aim to collectively reduce our carbon footprint.​



In predefined, cross-functional groups, we’ll take an unconventional approach to exploring the possibilities of the energy transition with several renowned speakers.
“Successfully combating the impact of climate change and transitioning to low carbon alternatives is everyone’s responsibility."
Thierry Vanlancker 

AkzoNobel CEO

Our team

Our team
Our team
"The only way to spark the massive transformation of minds, behaviors and actions required to save our planet for future generations is through collaboration."

Francis Bracke-Schröder

Director Communication, Culture & Change
‘We have an exciting journey ahead; with our partners we are unleashing the potential to collaboratively meet our carbon reduction objectives. This is exactly what our ecosystem is built for, and I can’t wait to see the results.”

Klaas Kruithof

AkzoNobel Chief Technology Officer

Our team

Our team
Our team
"I am truly excited to work together with senior and future leaders in our value chain to collectively find solution areas to significantly reduce the carbon footprint in our industry and thereby limit the impact of climate change."

Wijnand Bruinsma

Director Sustainability
"We all must reduce greenhouse gas emissions to have a reasonable chance of limiting global warming to 1.5C. This requires rigorous action, collaboration and doing things differently."

Tessa Slagter

Brand Manager Professional Brands EMEA | Chair NextGen Sustainability Council
"Fantastic to see what we can do when we bring different people together. With partners throughout the value chain, taking our social responsibility to collectively find ways to preserve our planet for future generations. That is literally painting the future!"

Monique de Graaf

Project Management Officer 
"I am excited we can bring together this year key partners in our paints & coatings value chain with our common goal to significantly reduce our carbon emissions in the value chain – this is what we call ‘collaborative sustainability’!"

Job Coenen

Program Manager Sustainability
"Connecting people, technology and creativity are the key ingredients for sustainable innovation and something that I have been doing for different industries. Paint the Future oozes this vision where the goal is to accelerate innovative solutions for our industry."


Paint the Future Project Lead at AkzoNobel
"As a former startup founder, still fresh AkzoNobel employee, I’m driven to help startups and scale-ups bring the future to market, together with AkzoNobel’s global ecosystem of people and ideas"


Paint the Future Program Manager