AkzoNobel innovations

Our innovations go beyond expectation, beyond imagination and beyond generations. How? Discover our inspiring stories here.

Beyond corrosion​ Water-based paint is the ultimate rust-buster
Need to fix up your old, rusty fence but don’t know where to start? Hammerite Ultima makes it easy. Use it on any metal surface – even rusted ones – without a primer. The genius of the more sustainable water-based formulation is that it dries fast to offer superior protection.
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Innovation is our invitation to go
Beyond expectation, imagination and generations

We’ve been innovating for more than 200 years. Our passion for paint – for protecting what’s important and for pushing the boundaries of our industry – is our past, present and future.

Beyond spotless Dulux EasyCare+ resists stains and scuffs​

Keeping your walls pristine is a battle – but the calvary's here in the form of Dulux EasyCare+. Using heroic Scuff Resist technology, the paint forms a durable matt coating that prevents battle scars from any plastic, rubber or wood adversaries. Live, play and move without fear!​

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"Our over decade-long relationship with AkzoNobel has led us to new innovations, scientific and sustainable advancements and quality finishes." "Our over decade-long relationship with AkzoNobel has led us to new innovations, scientific and sustainable advancements and quality finishes."

Zak Brown

CEO of McLaren Racing

Beyond gameplay A story about science, sparkle and surfaces

It’s extremely hard to digitally capture metallic and pearl sparkle effects the way they appear in real life. It used to require a little imagination. So we developed interactive 3D color visualization tools for our customers – by updating technology used in the gaming industry!

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"As a company which believes in taking its innovation beyond generations, we’re excited to be contributing our expertise and passion for paint to help restore the Night Watch." "As a company which believes in taking its innovation beyond generations, we’re excited to be contributing our expertise and passion for paint to help restore the Night Watch."

Thierry Vanlancker

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Beyond the rainbow Cloud-based app retrieves millions of colors

There are way more than seven colors in the rainbow! Our MIXITᵀᴹ app contains more than two million formulas for automotive, aerospace and yacht colors. It’s easy, accessible and helps both painters and managers do their work. We call it “the future of color retrieval.”

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Beyond cool Paints that lower the temperature

Protect your home from wind, rain and the sun! Dulux Weathershield contains Keep Cool Technology with special pigments that reflect more sun's rays – reducing the surface temperature by up to 5°C. That means you need less air conditioning, use less energy and save more money.​

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Beyond panels Helping buildings capture the sun’s power​

Wasted no more! AkzoNobel is part of research consortium ENVISION, aiming to turn heat absorbed by buildings into energy. We're looking beyond solar panels to create heat-absorbing coatings for all surfaces of the building – solutions which come in more colors than just black.

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Beyond handy Color Sensor ...

Beyond clean Paint that pu...

Beyond tough Resisting scratches in transit

Architects and specifiers have been itching for scratch-resistant powder coatings that won’t get damaged during transport. Now that's an itch we can scratch! Our innovative powder coating, Interpon D X-Pro, also provides superdurable protection in both matt and satin finishes.

Beyond limitations Flexible and superdurable powder coatings​

Customers used to have to choose between architectural powder coatings that were either superdurable or flexible – but with Interpon D2525 Structura Flex, the first product of its kind on the market, they can have both.

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Going beyond

“We’ve been making paints and coatings since 1792 – and we just haven’t stopped pushing the boundaries of what paint can be and what it can do. That’s why our vision takes the form of one simple word – beyond – which represents both a challenge and a promise.”
Klaas Kruithof
Chief Technology Officer, AkzoNobel



What do you expect your paint to do? Nice color and finish? How about keep buildings cool and “green”, make vehicles more aerodynamic and purify the air – our products can do that!


What do you imagine paint can be? Robots, big data and AI? Our digital solutions include color matching, visualization and predictive tools – even anti-fouling based on UV light.


What does the future need? Sustainable solutions to safeguard our planet and a circular economical value chain. How do we deliver? Collaborate and innovate faster and better together.

Innovation at AkzoNobel

  • Innovation in numbers

    Innovation in numbers

  • Our technology centers

    Our technology centers

  • The Incubator

    The Incubator

  • Paint the Future

    Paint the Future

  • Innovation drivers

    Innovation drivers

Innovation in numbers
spent on R&D in the last five years
scientists employed worldwide
patents owned by AkzoNobel
laboratories globally
  • Felling, UK
  • Shanghai, China
  • Strongsville, US
  • Bangalore, India
  • Sassenheim, Netherlands
Felling, UK

This €12.6 million research and innovation facility (2019) brings together more than 100 leading scientists and technical experts focused on marine and protective coatings.

Shanghai, China

This €6.5 million technology center (2016) is our largest research facility in China. Various labs are focused on eco-premium solutions, like water-based and powder coatings products.

Strongsville, US

This $10 million research and development center (2016) supports our businesses including coil, extrusion and packaging coatings.

Bangalore, India

This technology center (2002) includes a whole suite of product and service development areas, working mainly on color and achieving the perfect color match.

Sassenheim, Netherlands

Our largest research and development center received a €6 million extension in 2013. About 400 experts focus mainly on long-term research, color research and product development.

Exploring ideas and technologies

The AkzoNobel Incubator drives the progress of our transformative innovation projects. The journey from idea to market is complex. That’s why we have a team that systematically and quickly reduces uncertainty using Lean Startup. Our Incubator team ensures that ideas are failing or succeeding for the right reasons – and that those that make it are truly generating value.

Paint the Future
Paint the Future is the ecosystem​ for accelerating new innovations in paints and coatings. Through our platform and programs, innovators get access to resources to help commercialize their solutions. It’s all about connecting what we know with what we don’t know yet.
Innovation Drivers

We have four main innovation priorities.

We’re looking for solutions to more efficiently manufacture and deliver paint to our customers and help them improve their paint application process by making it more effective and efficient.
Asset protection
Our customers rely heavily on paint to protect surfaces and products. The expectations are high when it comes to longevity, chemical resistance and the need for predictive maintenance cycles.
Surface enhancement
Paint brings color and effects to life. We want to bring our customers new ways of extracting more value from surfaces and products by adding new functionalities and/or making them responsive.
Environmental protection
We want to make a significant and long-lasting difference to preserve our planet beyond generations to come by stimulating a circular economy and offering our customers competitive and sustainable solutions without harmful substances.