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Collaborative innovation is transforming the paints and coatings industry. Join our ecosystem of innovators:
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No great thing was ever created alone. Make a splash in the paints and coatings industry. Collaborate with bright minds to accelerate and commercialize your solutions.
The community says
"Participating in the Paint the Future Accelerator was an incredible experience for our startup. The team put together a world class program"
Tim Angus AOMS Executive Advisor
"So many great ideas were brought forward through Paint the Future. There is a true drive to innovate"
Mayke Geradts ING
"The companies that came together at the Paint the Future Accelerator presented the most amazing ideas and created an enormous impact. Truly inspiring"
Danny Lucas Lucas UK Group


Paint the Future is the ecosystem​ for accelerating new innovations in paints and coatings.

Through our platform and programs, innovators get access to resources to help commercialize their solutions. It’s all about connecting what we know with what we don’t know yet.

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Our innovations go beyond expectation, beyond imagination and beyond generations. How? Discover our inspiring stories here.

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"Paint the Future is AkzoNobel’s unique open innovation platform for accelerating innovation in paints and coatings. A step-change in how we innovate in partnership"

Menno van der Zalm

Innovation Director at AkzoNobel
"We are destined to continue the collaborative journey with the 2019 recipients of the Paint the Future awards, but also with many more. This is our way to drive innovation in paints and coatings beyond expectation, imagination and generations"

Klaas Kruithof

AkzoNobel Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
"We had high hopes when we first launched Paint the Future. I think it’s safe to say it exceeded all our expectations. The quality of the ecosystem is amazing, as is the sheer breadth of expertise"

Thierry Vanlancker

AkzoNobel CEO


"Fantastic to see what we can do when we bring different people together. Looking forward to broadening our ecosystem with other groups of great minds and see how this journey continues to stir up the industry"

Monique de Graaf

Project Support at AkzoNobel
"The world is changing so fast, and some might find it scary. We find it exciting. We want to be at the forefront of technological change, and that means connecting with exciting new ideas"

Fiona van den Brink

Innovation Excellence Manager at AkzoNobel
"As a former startup founder, still fresh AkzoNobel employee, I’m driven to help startups and scale-ups bring the future to market, together with AkzoNobel’s global ecosystem of people and ideas"

Ally van der Boon

Paint the Future Program Lead and AkzoNobel Startup Liaison