Brazil startup challenge

Brazil was the first country to receive the regional edition of Paint the Future, AkzoNobel’s innovation challenge for startups, which took place from March to October 2020. With our partner LM Ventures, 135 entries were submitted and evaluated by a 70-employee project team, who selected 16 finalists. These startups were invited to the collaboration event at Insper. After two intense days, with a lot of exchange and co-creation, four winners were shortlisted, one for each challenge.


Customer experience

New functionalities

More sustainable life cycle

Smart supply chain and logistics

What are the next steps?

The Paint the Future process was challenging, pleasurable and transformative from opening submissions to announcing winners. Although we selected four winning ideas and teams, we will make sure to keep in touch with the other startups, after all, each one has a unique potential to contribute to the revolution in the paint and coatings industry. As for next steps, nChemi, Standout, Getter and Aterra will in fact join AkzoNobel to work on solving a relevant challenge, according to the status of their projects. Should you have any questions, please contact us at

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I am sure that we will paint a better future through a lot of innovative ideas. Let’s revolutionize the paints and coatings industry together!”
Daniel Geiger Campos

AkzoNobel President for South America

Our team

Our team
Our team
"AkzoNobel has been innovating for over 200 years, and Paint the Future proposes a collaborative journey never before seen in the Brazilian segment of paints and coatings."

Nathalia Simone

Research and Development Chemistry at AkzoNobel South America and member of the team responsible for Paint the Future Brasil
"Our program aims not only to listen to the proposals of startups, but also to refine them, generating solutions connected to our business, responding to the challenges of our customers and consumers."

Felipe Maranzato

AkzoNobel South America Innovation Manager and team member responsible for Paint the Future Brasil
"Innovation is part of the DNA of AkzoNobel, which has Alfred Nobel as one of its founders. Collaborate with us and let's paint the future of the paint and coatings market together."

Karen Watanabe

Head of Corporate Communication for AkzoNobel South America and member of the team responsible for Paint the Future Brasil
"The challenge with startups is the first step in a broad open innovation program that AkzoNobel will build in Brazil, connecting the innovation ecosystem to boost the paint industry."

Elaine Poço

Director of RD&I and Sustainability at AkzoNobel South America and responsible for Paint the Future Brazil