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Automated printing head

Automated printing head will change how industrial coatings are applied

Qlayers and AkzoNobel have a mission: we’re going to revolutionize the application of industrial coatings. First the startup won over the jury of the 2019 Paint the Future global startup challenge. Now we have a partnership agreement.

We knew we could expect great things to come from our 2019 edition of the global startup challenge. Pushing the boundaries of the paints and coatings industry – that’s what the collaborative innovation ecosystem of Paint the Future is all about.

Now the solutions that captured the imaginations of our experts are gaining momentum. We’re excited to share more about what’s happened since the awards were handed out, starting with Qlayers. Combining their passions for sustainability and technology, Josefien Groot, CEO, and Ruben Geutjens, CTO, have big ambitions to improve the world – and they’re going to do it together with AkzoNobel.

With our focus on application methods and AkzoNobel’s focus on coatings, we can create value together.
Josefien Groot

CEO of Qlayers

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Time for a revolution

You might be wondering why we need to change how industrial coatings are applied in the first place. It turns out the way we apply industrial coatings is really important. Coating certain surfaces, especially when they’re outdoors and subject to variable conditions, can be difficult, time-consuming and inefficient – as well as unsafe for the painters who often have to work at height.

Qlayers has a solution. The unique automated application technology they developed can coat large surfaces in any weather conditions, while maintaining consistency and quality.

“We’re mainly focused on large surfaces that need to be maintained outside, starting with pipes and storage tanks,” Ruben says. “Coatings are currently applied by hand using rollers and paint brushes. Spraying would be faster, but up until now it hasn’t been possible. Overspray is such a big issue, both wasteful and bad for the environment. That’s where we can help.”

Making progress together

Josefien says the collaboration with AkzoNobel is a naturally good fit: “With our focus on application methods and AkzoNobel’s focus on coatings, we can create value together. Having a large, established partner like AkzoNobel also helps give our customers more confidence.”

“Throughout our collaboration, I have come to know the Qlayers team as passionate people with a unique technology and pragmatic go-to-market approach,” says Menno van der Zalm, Director of Innovation at AkzoNobel. “We already see that our resources in terms of our coating knowledge and market access are contributing to their credibility and traction in the market. It’s turning out to be a great match for us both!”

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Industry-first pilot for the automated coating of industrial storage tanks.

As a first step in our collaboration, we established a spray booth in the advanced manufacturing research center of Delft’s University of Technology, located in the Netherlands. Qlayers is using that spray booth to conduct tests using AkzoNobel products. ​We’ll be conducting an industry-first pilot for the automated coating of industrial storage tanks.

It sounds like there’s much more to come in this story! Stay tuned for updates as Qlayers and the other winning startups develop their technologies with us.

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