Want to know more about our global open innovation community?

What is Paint The Future?

Paint The Future is the AkzoNobel’s global collaborative innovation challenge. Open to startups, academies, research institutes and suppliers around the world, our approach seeks to bring together diverse actors in the innovation ecosystem to help accelerate, test, launch and scale ideas and solutions in the paint and coatings segment. Collaboration takes place on a digital platform, within a specific innovation space. In 2019, we held a global edition of the startups challenge and a regional one of the program focused on suppliers. This year, the challenge focused on startups has its first regional edition in progress in Brazil. Let’s join forces to combine creative and innovative ideas with experience and resources! Sign up here.

How do I register for Paint The Future?

Go to letspaintthefuture.com, select “Brazil 2020” in the top menu and create an account, remembering to confirm the email sent by the platform and add a profile photo. There, you can browse our innovation spaces, submit a solution and interact with other participants. If you have any question, send an email to paintthefuture.brasil@akzonobel.com.

How do I submit my solution?

On March 3, 2020, we started receiving submissions for Paint the Future Brazil, opening our collaborative platform for participation and interaction. After create your account, you should access the platform, click on programs and select “Brasil Startup Challenge 2020”. In this space, select one of the four challenges that you believe your solution will answer. After reading the description, just click on “sign up” and you will be directed to the registration form.

What information should I share in submission?

In the registration form, you can submit your solution by filling in the title, the name of your startup, a summary of the solution and the complete description. You can also attach relevant images and documents, such as PDFs or videos, in addition to links.

Remember to provide information as much as possible to the challenge team can evaluate your solution in a more detailed and assertive way. All these fields will be published on the platform and will be available online. Pink fields on the form, such as CNPJ, city of origin and maturity stage of the solution, are visible only to AkzoNobel users and will not be published.

AkzoNobel and its collaborators will not request the sharing of confidential information from the startup or its partners. We recommend that only nonconfidential information, which can be disclosed on the internet, be shared on the platform. If you have any questions, send an email to paintthefuture.brasil@akzonobel.com.

How and when will winners be determined?

If the startup feels the need to share with us information essential to understanding the solution cannot be published online, contact paintthefuture.brasil@akzonobel.com.

What are the criteria for entering the innovation challenge?

In the Brazilian edition, we are focused on AkzoNobel’s interaction with Brazilian startups. There are four challenges proposed and you can better understand the details of each one by clicking on the description of each challenge.

What is the challenge team?

Each challenge of Paint the Future Brasil has a multifunctional team of AkzoNobel specialists. Each challenge is sponsored by a company director, who appears at the beginning of the description on the platform. The team of experts is led by a captain, who can be found at the end of the challenge description. It will help you in case of doubts, ensuring that you receive the contribution of the most appropriate specialist(s). In addition to collaboration during the registration phase, later, this same team will be responsible, together with a group of directors, for selecting the finalist solutions that will be invited to the final event.

When and where will the selection take place?

The selection first step will be made by the challenge team, which will evaluate the solution itself and the startup’s exchange on the collaboration platform. The selected finalists will be contacted and invited to an acceleration event in São Paulo, on October, 2020, which aims to promote a moment of personal interaction between startups and AkzoNobel’s specialists, to present the solutions to our executives.

What costs will AkzoNobel cover?

AkzoNobel will cover the costs of accommodation, transfers and tickets, as well as food on the days of the acceleration event.

Why be part of this innovation challenge?

Participation is free! We want to know more about you and your idea to better understand the potential for us to join forces to do something even bigger.

What are the benefits?

This is your chance to use the robust knowledge and experience of AkzoNobel’s experts to improve, accelerate and increase your innovation proposal! Some of the tangible benefits of participating in Paint the Future Brasil are:

  • Expand your solution with time-pressurized acceleration.
  • Take advantage of a unique opportunity for mutual development, in an enriching journey.
  • Enrich your solution with the know-how and legacy built over AkzoNobel’s more than 200 years, based on different business models from the more than 150 countries where the company is present.
  • Know and contribute to the evolving paint and coatings industry to expand and strengthen your business in new ways.
  • Connect with recognized experts in the field in a direct line with industry leaders and experts.
  • Experience a unique opportunity for international exposure with a global organization like AkzoNobel. Submit your solution! We look forward to collaborating together!

Can I register with more than one solution or participate in more than one challenge?

Yes and yes! If your solutions meet the criteria and answer to our challenge proposals, share everything you want with us.

What types of business agreements are predict for the selected companies?

The agreements will depend on the solution maturity stage and will be discussed at the final event. We see as most likely supply agreements, collaboration agreements and co-development agreements.

What can I do if I do not have a solution, but still want to participate?

Your participation on the platform is very welcome! For more information, contact us at paintthefuture.brasil@akzonobel.com.

What is the application deadline?

The application can be done from March 3rd until June 19th, 2020. But remember that the sooner your application is made, the more time you will have to refine your solution with the experts on the platform, which will allow you to improve your selection proposal.