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How your innovation can be applied to our businesses (products, processes, packaging) to make them more sustainable?
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Caring for our legacy

Doing more with less is a constant challenge for society. Currently, humanity consumes resources equivalent to 1.75 Earth planets per year. And where are we in this challenge?

For AkzoNobel, sustainability is a fundamental principle that means empowering people, improving products, processes and packaging to reduce our impact on the planet and consistently innovating to bring sustainable solutions in paints and coatings.

There are still several opportunities to improve the use of material resources and to reduce our carbon footprint across the paint and coatings value chain. We will continue to do our part in the transition to a circular economy, meeting financial and social expectations.

What do we mean by a more sustainable life cycle?

Traditionally, paints and coatings are linear production systems that capture only obvious recycling opportunities.

The transformation to a more sustainable life cycle is not just limited to recycling elements in the chain, but also covers opportunities in alternative sources for our raw materials and expanding the functionality of products after their use. This requires a different mindset to recognize the potential for circular solutions, overcoming legal and practical obstacles to propose new business models.

Some inspiration

AkzoNobel has a global mission to sell more and more Eco-Premium solutions, which are products that have better environmental performance. The 20% target set for 2020 was exceeded in 2014 and that number continues to grow.

In addition, we are committed to reducing carbon emissions, for this we have products like Intersleek, a marine antifouling coating that reduces the fuel consumption of ships and does not use biocide.

We want to lead this process, and your solution can contribute to it. To learn more, visit this link.

Thanks to all startups for dedicating themselves to these challenges!


We respect ownership of Intellectual Property (IP). IP that you already own prior to the Paint the Future Challenge remains yours; and similarly, our existing IP remains ours. In addition, our starting point is that both parties should have appropriate rights in what we create together during the Paint the Future Challenge. If you get invited to the final of the Challenge, we will communicate clearly what specific IP terms will apply.


Whilst we respect IP rights, we also value the open sharing of non-confidential information, and building on contributors’ ideas. This is what makes the Challenge useful for all participants, and contributes to identifying successful innovations. This means that during the submission phase, your submission, and the information you share with us, will be received by us only on a non-confidential basis.