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How could your digital solution change or improve the way our customers appreciate and experience AkzoNobel’s products and services?
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Our paints and coatings are used inside and outside almost everything from homes, cars, bridges, stadiums, ships, aircraft, wind turbines, consumer electronics and much more.

So we know that whether you’re a consumer or a business, finishing a paint job correctly takes a lot of effort. Everyone from owners, contractors, designers, fabricators and applicators, plays a different part accomplishing a paint job and we want to offer them the best possible experience.


We are looking for (digital) solutions in the various steps that our customers experience during the entire paint process:

  1. Pick the right paint for the job, in time – e.g. color, functionality, viscosity, solid content, etc.; supply and demand alignment, product offering, customer interface 
  2. Pick the right application methods – e.g. improve efficiency, reduce overspray, remote control (including drones), fast cure, low energy uptake 
  3. Find the right person for the job e.g. training programs, marketplaces
  4. Paint job accomplished e.g. customer service solutions, loyalty programs


Let’s work together to bring new technologies and solutions to better serve our customers. We see opportunities in the following areas (but are not limited to):

  • Immersive digital experience
  • Consistent customer service
  • Smart operations



It would be our dream to know that – no matter what needs coating – all our customers, consumer and industrial, can confidently paint their surfaces. That’s where your innovative solution comes in. Help us go the extra mile and make our dream a reality.

Looking for some inspiration?

  • Immersive digital experience: visualization technologies (e.g. VR/AR/MR and holograms), quality control, gamification, pop-up events/stores, etc.
  • Consistent customer service: enable a consistent customer experience. (e.g. digitally enabled product offering and services, feedback tool, loyalty program, community building, etc.)
  • Smart operations: factory automation, data-driven sales planning and replenishment, hassle-free paint application techniques

How could your digital solution change or improve the way our customers appreciate and experience AkzoNobel’s products and services?

What we are looking for:

The China startup challenge focuses on solutions from and for the Chinese market. 

  • Your solution is not just in your head. The concept is tried and tested, and ready to apply by consumers and/or at industrial scale
  • It’s safe to use and delivers consistent results
  • It contributes to delivering the best possible experience for our customers

Have you got the solution?

Help us improve the way our customers experience AkzoNobel’s products and services and ensure more consistent results with less time and effort.

We want to know how your digital solutions will enable us to achieve these goals together. We’re ready for you to blow us away.

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We respect ownership of Intellectual Property (IP). IP that you already own prior to the Paint the Future Challenge remains yours; and similarly, our existing IP remains ours. In addition, our starting point is that both parties should have appropriate rights in what we create together during the Paint the Future Challenge. If you get invited to the final of the Challenge, we will communicate clearly what specific IP terms will apply.


Whilst we respect IP rights, we also value the open sharing of non-confidential information, and building on contributors’ ideas. This is what makes the Challenge useful for all participants, and contributes to identifying successful innovations. This means that during the submission phase, your submission, and the information you share with us, will be received by us only on a non-confidential basis.